Referral Bonuses – 20%!

Obviously so much of the business that transpires through our town is passed on from friends to friends, like that cheap apartment in Aspen core. I realize as a newcomer to the livery scene in Aspen, I will be competing against long-standing partnerships between hotel concierge and existing limo companies. Which is why I want to offer an introductory kick-back of 20% of the fare to any business that comes through a referral. This also applies to anybody in town that drives business my way, not exclusive to hotel staff. Please send me an email if you were responsible for any bookings and we will work from there. I understand this is a small town and I want to build my business around being an honest and friendly individual to work with.

On that note, I hope you all had an excellent Thanksgiving and are getting some good days on the slopes. The conditions are amazing with more storms in the forecast. Here’s to hoping Ullr delivers this winter!

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